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We’re on a mission. Everyone with a social and emotional challenge deserves to have a full, happy and healthy life. These individuals are caring, talented and have so much to offer. Yet, thousands of young people are shut out of social, recreational, educational and employment opportunities.

Unfortunately, traditional services often fall short in improving outcomes. They fail to recognize that modeling and correction do little to address chronic social and cognitive deficits. All too often, bright clients are subjected to childish activities and menial tasks. Individual capacities and interests are rarely considered and personal goals are ignored or dictated by others.
With specialized supports and opportunities for inclusion these individuals can have fuller lives. Everyone deserves to have relationships, accomplishments and adventure.
At Great Connections we respect everyone’s individuality. We foster organic peer relationships and support age-appropriate activities. Always promoting skill development, our instruction is based on the neurological and cognitive underpinnings of social and emotional difficulties. We motivate our clientele through instruction and activities that encourage independence, confidence and well-being.
Put simply, we have to stop trying to change these individuals and instead embrace them.
Let’s adjust our expectations and set realistic goals, so they’re motivated and less likely to fail.
Let’s use their attention to detail, capacity for logic, spatial reasoning, unfiltered perspective, talent in the arts and unique creative expression to benefit others and find employment.
Let’s remember we all have a bad day. An occasional problematic event should not define anyone’s future.
Let’s put aside our “all or nothing” mentality. We have to start somewhere. One friend is better than no friends. A part-time job is better than no job. A day filled with a purposeful project is better than a day alone in front of a TV.
Let’s keep in mind that “it takes two”. Inclusion and job opportunities will require training of, and collaboration with community leaders, industry professionals, and businesses.

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