7 Must Haves for Your Holiday Social Media Strategy


The latest forecast for this holiday sales season is $965 billion – a number big enough that no savvy business should dare to miss out. Unfortunately, as you’re probably already aware, this rich retail environment results in a lot of white noise when it comes to holiday promotions. With what seems like every other business out there running splashy ads in magazines and on every TV channel, it can be difficult to see where and how you’ll stand out if you don’t have a big budget.

Fortunately, there are other options to explore that don’t have to bust your holiday marketing budget. Social media gives companies of any size and budget access to millions of people through both paid and organic advertising. If you want to build the kind of buzz that leads to sales this holiday season, here are essential elements your holiday social media strategy must have.

To Craft Your Holiday Social Media Strategy. . .

Choose the Best Platforms

In order to avoid having your company become a social media holiday horror story, be choosy about which social media platforms you’ll use. Don’t try to be on so many platforms and post so often that you tax your staff and resources beyond their abilities.

Unfortunately, being too busy and multitasking on social media can lead to abandoned feeds or, even worse, nightmare stories of mistakes gone viral. Instead, focus on the platforms where your paying customers are most likely to be, and be consistent about how you’ll engage them on these networks.

Create Social Media Only Promotions

One way to increase engagement over the holiday season when crafting your holiday social media strategy is to offer special deals only to those who follow you on social media. The likelihood is high that people will share these deals with their friends and family by sharing and retweeting, leading to additional followers and brand exposure.

Whether it’s free gift wrapping in your store or a special discount on an online purchase, use social media based promotions to your benefit.

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